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Advice Process



Our advice process and methodology is designed to maximise your wealth, be tax efficient, maximising your allowances to minimise tax paid on your assets, investments or inherited wealth as well as ensuring your mortgage arrangements are optimised. Our primarily function is to provide advice and support on your investments, pensions, protection and property financing through an advice process that is consistent, no matter what tax wrapper or arrangement you have or are considering.

As truly “Independent Financial Advisers”, our aim is to seek to provide the most suitable and unfettered solutions from the “Whole of Marketplace” that match your needs and expectations. .

Your decision to seek truly “Independent” Financial Advice will likely be based upon either a specific or general need and whether such advice, will add value that is measurable and beneficial. How you approach this, will inevitably lead to one of two outcomes:-

  • You have no need for Financial Advice
  • You decide that you do have a need for Financial Advice based upon understanding the “added value” that this will bring - Why else would you engage our services otherwise?

The key to getting to this stage where you can make a reasonable decision relies upon having sufficient information to hand. At M3W Wealth Management LLP, our aim is to support existing and potential new clients get to this point. The key lies in our advice process and the production of our “Tender Document”.(A Tender Document is in effect our recommendation/suitability document which is produced and presented, prior to any actions being taken on your behalf).

On-Going Advice and Review Services

We offer two on-going service packages for you to choose from. We will recommend the service we consider to be most suitable for your needs. Once you have purchased an on-going service package you may cancel it at any time, without charge, by writing to us at the above address.

We also recognise that an on-going service package is not suitable for everyone and that some of our clients would simply like to use our services when they need them. For this purpose, we are also happy to undertake future ‘ad-hoc’ or one off reviews of an investment and/or pension portfolio we arranged on your behalf.

Service Description - Full Service 

Our full service is typically suitable for those who prefer more involvement and contact with their adviser. In particular, if you have a larger and more complex portfolio (over £50,000 of assets under management) or are now making regular withdrawals from your pensions to fund your retirement, our premier service is designed with your needs in mind. 

The service includes:

  •  Annual Value Statement and Performance Report
  •  Face to face annual Review Meeting
  •  Post-meeting action plan Report
  •  Re-establish the Risk Profile and Asset balance
  •  Re-balancing existing Model Portfolios
  •  On-line access for portfolio valuations for you and your adviser (via provider)
  •  Access to your adviser should you need us in the meantime.

 Service Fees - Full Service:

 Our full service charges will be as follows:

  •  1.0% (exc. VAT) of the first £500,000 plus
  •  0.5% (exc.VAT) between £500,000 and £1,000,000 plus
  •  0.25% (exc. VAT) over £1,000,000.

 Please note:

The exact amount we charge will depend on your individual circumstances, and the amount charged will increase for more complex work not covered by this service model. This figure will be agreed and capped at outset and will be set  by virtue of the work anticipated/involved.

Service Description - Value Service

Our value service is typically suitable for those who prefer a ‘lighter touch’ and less frequent contact with their adviser. In particular, if you have a lower value (no less than £25,000) and/or less complex portfolio, our standard service is designed with your needs in mind.

The service includes:

  •  Annual Value Statement and Performance  Report
  •  Re-establish the Risk Profile and Asset balance
  • Re-balancing existing Model Portfolios
  •  On-line access for portfolio valuations for you and your adviser (via provider).

 Service Fees - Value Service

Our value service is available for 0.5% of the value of your portfolio per year.

For example: If your portfolio was worth an average of £30,000 the charged fee would be £150 per year (exc. VAT).

If your portfolio was worth an average of £100,000 the yearly charge would be £500 per year (exc. VAT).

Please note:

The exact amount we charge each month will depend on the value of your investment and will increase if the value of your portfolio goes up.

Ad-Hoc or One-Off Review Service

This service is typically suitable for those who don’t want to pay for regular reviews by their adviser and prefer to monitor things themselves. Upon request, we are happy to offer one off or ‘ad-hoc’ reviews of an investment/pension we set up for you should the need arise.

The cost of this service will vary depending on the complexity of the work and how long it takes to complete. Our adviser charge for this service is £150 per hour (exc. VAT).

In some circumstances, a Fee may be payable, without implementation of any advice and in these circumstances, you will be informed specifically of the anticipated cost in writing before any work is undertaken. These might be in relation to:

  • Inheritance Tax Planning,
  • Pensions in Divorce,
  •  comercial Property purchase through a SIPP,
  • Strategic financial planning/advice in connection with the recent Pension Freedoms,
  •  Cash Flow Modelling,
  •  Inter-generational Business Transfers
  •  Collation of information concerning legacy policies.

All these areas will require our input, both with you at meetings and office based work in relation to advising on the various aspects required. For example in the “At Retirement Arena” we might be providing advice on tax efficient withdrawals while minimising income tax etc. and sustaining the pension fund to be able to make future withdrawals.

We will charge an hourly charge of £150 per hour (exc. VAT) for this advice.

A typical review will include:

  • Updating the information we already hold about you;
  • Re-confirming your objectives and risk profile;
  • Providing you with recommendations regarding the on-going suitability of your    portfolio, and;
  • Subject to your agreement, implementing any adjustments to your portfolio we recommend e.g. fund switches.

Example cost: For a portfolio containing 2 separate arrangements (for example a personal pension and an ISA) we would expect a typical review to take approx. 3 to 4 hours calculated in 15 minute intervals.

For example, if it took us 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete a review, our fee would be £525 (exc.VAT).

Summary of the Platform Benefits and our advice

A platform can deliver enhanced benefits over traditional Life company products. This is by way of cost and through on-line access to view and monitor your portfolio on an ongoing basis, vast fund range, model portfolios as well as other functionality. Non platform assets such as property, cash deposits and other investments can be added to give a complete picture of your current financial position and wealth.

There is complete transparency of charging, reduction in paperwork, and simple movement of monies between different tax wrappers in the future. There is online reporting facilities which include, valuations, capital gains certificates to simplify tax issues (if appropriate), performance analysis, income tax certificates, and adviser payment statements.


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