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Service Proposition

At M3W Wealth Management LLP we believe that professional financial advice can add significant value to individuals and businesses. It is because of this belief that we provide a comprehensive ongoing financial service model, incorporating a review service designed to create real value for our clients.

As your partner in building wealth and security, we focus on ways that we can help you to live the life that you want to live. By engaging M3W you assure yourself of regular financial checkups and access to new ideas brought to you by the M3W team. Choosing a financial partner is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Take your time, choose wisely, and we hope that we can earn the right to work with you in the future.

The M3W Partner Service

An Annual Review Meeting With Your Adviser Including
  • A Complete Review of Your Financial Strategy and Current Circumstances
  • The M3W Financial Check on Portfolio progress
  • Attitude to Risk re-assessment
  • Supply an Annual report based upon the above
The Professionals Service
  • Providing Strategic Updates to your Accountant & any other Professional Advisers*
  • Supplying End of Year Taxation Information (as required)
  • Recommending Suitable Professionals as other needs arise

*Ensuring everyone on your financial team provides advice in a coordinated and professional way.

The Portfolio Construction Service
  • Using a Scientific Risk Profiling Methodology
  • Asset Allocation across all Asset classes
  • Portfolio Design and Construction
  • Portfolio Construction using only best of breed funds of 3* and above
The Portfolio Management Service
  • Online Access to Portfolio Valuations
  • Portfolio Monitoring
  • Yearly Rebalancing of Asset Allocation back to original Investment
  • Written Portfolio Valuations on Request
The Priority Response Service
  • Phone Calls & E-mails Returned Promptly (subject to availability)
The Peace of Mind Service
  • Taking the Complexity and Hassle out of Administering your Financial Life
The Second Opinion Service
  • Making ourselves available to Consider New Ideas from whatever source They may originate
The Inheritance Tax & Estate Planning Service
  • Assessing assets, providing IHT calculations and tax mitigation strategies
The Taxation Planning Service
  • In Conjunction with your Accountant and other Taxation Advisers
The SIPP Service
  • Value Added Strategies using Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP’s)
  • Specialist Advice for Owning Business Premises
The Pensions Service
  • Pensions Advice
  • Pensions Review
  • Pensions Consolidation
Click the link above to download a copy of our Service Proposition.
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